About us

The Story

Around 8 years ago a friend asked if it was possible to put ashes into glass. At the time only one option was offered by funeral directors and it was expensive, prices starting at nearly £300. My first thought was wow that’s expensive if you would like to buy multiple pieces for family members.

So with that in mind I wanted to make a service that was affordable and available to all. Hundreds of hours of research, prototypes and trial and error later I had my own unique process.

Completely self taught I could now offer glass memorials in over 70 colour options ready to be set In stunning jewellery.

our process

How it is done

We encapsulate a small amount of your loved ones ashes into specialised glass using our custom method and heating to temperatures in excess of 750°c this is a delicate process and timing is key. Once fused it is left to cool down slowly over a period of days to toughen the ‘Jewel’.


Your loved ones ashes are mixed with your choice of glass colour, a clear layer is added to create depth and give a tough finish


The glass and ash mix is placed in a specialist kiln and heated to over 750°c using electronic controller to ensure correct annealing is achieved.


Once fused your ‘Jewel’ undergoes a slow cooling process to avoid thermal shock.

Cold working

Your ‘Jewel’ is carefully shaped to fit your chosen jewellery, it then undergoes multiple polishing stages to produce a high gloss finish.